Apple Watch Repair expensive

Yesterday, Apple disclosed outside the warranty service fees Apple Watch different models, cost prices are as follows:

Apple Watch battery replacement outside the warranty period, a service fee of $ 79. If the user can not get back to the shop equipment, but also have to pay $ 6.95 for shipping.

Other service charges outside the standard warranty period, Apple Watch Sport charges $ 229, Apple Watch Standard Edition is $ 329, Apple Watch Edition is as high as $ 2,800. The cost is more than the standard price of apples, if you are through Apple authorized service providers to repair the equipment, the price may be slightly different.

Have purchased or are about to purchase AppleCare + for Apple Watch users, Apple will provide express replacement service. When customers require replacement, Apple will send the customer a box so that customers will return the device to Apple.

If you do not return the original equipment for Sport, Standard Edition and Edition version, Apple will charge $ 300-350 accordingly, the dollar and the US dollar 8000-10000 500-600. Apple will give users a reserved 10 working days (there are exceptions), beyond this time will be charged late fees, corresponding respectively to $ 35.50-60.50 (Sport), US $ 85.50-135.50 (standard version) or US $ 2600 -3600 (Edition ).

For replacement Apple Watch, Apple has further been described, which replaced Apple Watch some new, some refurbished, will be consistent with the users to buy version.

Sony Xperia Z4 renderings exposure

Sony this year’s upcoming flagship phone Xperia Z4, but the specific time is unclear. According to previous rumors, Sony will change in the past year launched two flagship phone model only release a product, if the news is true then this is the biggest surprise of this Z4 phone. Twitter usersonleaks brings a Z4 renderings, whistleblowers, said the images from the official.

According to the overall exposure of the picture seems a little change in the overall appearance, maintaining the Xperia series of unique design. Sony SIM card slot is moved to wonder where to go, not in its original position. Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z2 using the same hidden speaker design. Change the screen frame section is not large, but the proportion is likely to enhance the screen.

Prior to the news, hardware Xperia Z4 will use 5.2 inches 1080P resolution screen, powered by Snapdragon 810 processor, built-in 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, rear 20.7 million pixel camera (a new generation of sensors) and 5-megapixel front camera, IP68 waterproof and dustproof design supports a variety of colors to choose from.

Still the same appearance, but hardware upgrades can really cause the user sufficient attention it?

Nexus Recovery – How to recover files from Nexus 4/5/7

When difficulties happen on such a excellent device, what should users do to retrieve their lost? Losing photos on Nexus 4/5/7 might be a disaster while users happenly lost the photos or any other data like contacts, Text messages, movies, songs.

Now an excellent Android file recovery package is competent to help users out of those painful cases. Things will be easy and enjoyment to use it and recover lost files from Nexus 4/5/4/5/7.

Dr.fone for Android is an fantastic Nexus 4/5/7 recovery tool if you deleted their photographs and many other contents on Nexus 4/5/7. It gives reliable and 100% safeguarded way of you out from such a problem. Just 3 steps will resolve all of those situations entirely with none difficulties. And people are able to use the striking program to settle your trouble effectively.


download download


Main function for the Android file recovery:


1. Directly scan and recover Text messages, contacts, pics and videos

* Easily scan the Android device once linked to the pc;

* Regain pics and video from SD cards within Android devices to a pc.

* Get back misplaced contacts, including names, numbers, Email, add, and export as HTML, vCard and CSV to PC;

* Restore sent and received text messages, and export as HTML to the computer for easy viewing and printing;


2. Browse, back up and re-sync contents on your pc

* Current data and deleted data each have their own color in scan result;

* Browse and back up all of them from a device to pc;

* Re-sync contacts file backup to the device by Wondershare MobileGo for Android.


3. Preview and selective recovery

* Precisely restore what you want by selecting them on the scan result.

* Preview all the recoverable contacts, sms and images before recovery;


4. Support multiple Android devices as well as OS

* Surtable a lot of Android OS versions;

* The listing of devices and Android OS is still rapidly growing.

* Suitable for Android phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Moto, Huawei, etc.


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Wondershare MobileGo for Android Coupon Code

Wondershare MobileGo is actually a Pc Software for Windows OS that allows your Android smartphone and Computer to talk to each other. Wondershare MobileGo might help you send texting from a laptop, install apps on to your phone, backup your files and a lot more, all wirelessly over exactly the same WiFi network. It really works along with an Android app available through the Play Store, and also the all round aim listed here is always to deliver an application that works nicely on each platforms, and offers end end users a way to backup their files, send messages and a lot more on their own Computer. Best for those who nonetheless use a personal computer or laptop as their primary gadget and a real boon for business users which have sensitive data on their own devices. Wondershare MobileGo is cost-free to test but does cost $40 right after the trial period. The good thing is, we’ve got the big discount coupon for you, check it here


Opinion: I have always loved the fact that with Android you won’t need to download any additional apps to manage transferring data or anything like that. However, controlling data files and folders in your phone’s hard drive could be quite tough, and so that’s why Wondershare is such a good idea. You can find similar apps on the market, like SnaPea, but Wondershare manages to keep its own identity. Business end users is going to be specially taken with all the emphasis on being ready to manage contacts and more proper from your laptop even though travelling. Smartphones are convenient, that’s great, but we don’t often desire to need to offer with fiddling all around with our smartphones in meetings and this sort of.



Speed (4/5)

The Windows side of things is nice and quickly, and there’s no difficulties employing this over WiFi, either.

Features (5/5)

Getting able to work on quite a lot any Android gadget available, Wondershare MobileGo can be a have to for business end users and people that want a tiny far more transparency controlling their Android smartphone.

Theme (4/5)

good-looking app on Android and Windows, Wondershare appears the part and is also laid out properly.

Overall (4/5)

A great way to keep on to of one’s device with much more manage and granularity, Wondershare makes controlling your smartphone a straightforward affair.



Very easy to setup as a result of the incorporated QR code inside the Home windows app.

Perfect for company end users who vacation with their laptops and wish to deal with lots of different contacts.

A superb app for users that aren”t so tech-savvy, because it lets them manage documents and even more on their own smartphones while not having to study a handbook.

No need to work with a USB cable (though you can if you”d like) as every thing is finished over WiFi.



A web-based facet of items could be excellent, as then it?¡¥d perform on any equipment, such as my Chromebook.

Lots of possibilities on the market like this, so it?¡¥s difficult to make a choice from them all.



Wondershare MobileGo is another application that can help users keep on top of their smartphones from their PCs and it works truly fairly well. Without must spend time controlling files and folders on your own gadget, you can wirelessly deal with tunes and movies as well as contacts and in some cases deliver messages from the laptop. Smartphones have grown to be as big a distraction as they have a support and therefore, packages like Wondershare MobileGo might help users get back several of that dropped concentrate by lowering time put in making use of smartphones to have straightforward things carried out.

LG G Flex 2 deny the problem Snapdragon 810 fever

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip overheating problem some time ago became a hot topic in the news that it is due to the need to address this issue that makes a lot of supply 810 is delayed to March. However, according to LG’s argument, Snapdragon 810 processor using a new machine LG G Flex their upcoming 2 does not have this problem.

In a news conference on the LG G Flex 2, and vice president of LG’s mobile products Woo Ram-chan said, “I am on the market news about Snapdragon 810 processor heat of great concern. But on our products, this chip’s performance is very satisfactory, I do not understand why the news coming out of the heat. ”

Sources also said that Samsung yesterday because they can not stand the heat problem Snapdragon 810, decided to abandon the new flagship Galaxy S6 810 Snapdragon. However, Samsung has not yet responded.

LG side said that all aspects of their new phone tests are qualified, or even lower the heat, in addition to the new phone in the Korean market starting outside, LG G Flex 2 will be landing in major overseas markets, has now confirmed that the US market, while Amazon Germany earlier also accept reservations.

Wondershare TunesGo discount code

Do what iTunes cannot do! Whatever you missed your audio due to system re-format, iTunes crash, laptop computer or pc repairs and other unknown reasons, or you just want to transfer playlist to another computer. That must not be problems any further. Wondershare TunesGo helps make the transfer of videos, songs, pictures, playlists, contacts, sms messages, . . . . from iPhone, iPad and ipod touch to iTunes and returning to pc or laptop computer as simple as pie.


Get Wondershare TunesGo promotional code here

Note: With this coupon code, you will get a big discount.


Key Functions:

1. Wondershare TunesGo share songs, videos, images and your playlists stored in the mobile phone to manage, export and import the contents as well as you can easily transfer them from your PC or iTunes and vice versa.

2. It can convert songs and videos quickly to the file formats supported by the mobile in the transfer process.

3. It is easy to copy Wondershare TunesGo and sync your contacts with your Outlook account to organize, edit and delete the duplicate contents.

4. If you have misplaced all of the audio due to a system re-install or perhaps is blocked only need iTunes and sync the library hard disk drive with the Apple mobile.

5. Wondershare TunesGo for connecting multiple Apple devices concurrently and share contents directly between them with a few clicks.

In addition MX4 Pro also feed? Meizu players exposure

Have understood the Meizu November 19 conference invitations it full of vinyl records not only creative, and gave us some questions: Will be released MX4 Pro is not significantly enhance the sound quality of it and the nearest one? let’s renderings appear somewhat surprised, do not want to make a fuss at the sound quality is not MX4 Pro, but a player it?

屏幕快照 2014-11-13 下午9

MX4 Pro security work Meizu apparently did not particularly care, spy outflow is normal. And the phone’s configuration is also no secret: 2K resolution screen, Samsung Orion eight-core processor, 3GB of memory to run, with fingerprint recognition and a Home button 20,700,000 pixel camera have long been known the remaining question is how much the conference will have new ideas in other areas.

Vinyl Records invitation previously mentioned clearly and music-related, but Meizu is an early fortune with MP3 manufacturers, and top spy in that section of the long bit like the iPod device will be tested again Meizu water audio is product? an Android, MP3 or mini-tablet? Or wait for us Meizu conference formally announced it!

Wondershare DVD Creator (Windows & Mac) coupon

Want to make movies? Or maybe you just like to finally burn the film collection on your laptop to DVD. No matter what you need to watch, Wondershare DVD Creator does this all. Just drag your favorite feature film into Video to DVD Creator for Win (Windows 8 supported), adjust the quality and press burn. Or use DVD Burner’s powerful built-in editor to combine your photos, videos and songs into home films, slideshow, whatever your imagination can deal with.

If you real need it, and would like to get a lower price, you come the right place. Now, you choose the below coupon, you will save a lot. Yes!

Get Wondershare DVD Creator coupon (Windows & Mac) now


Main Specs

1. Burn Video to DVD/Create DVD slideshows with audio and effects/Edit Videos & photos/Windows 8 supported
2. Burn Video, Image and Music in Any Format
3. A Built-in Editor Lets You Retouch Films or Craft Your Own
4. Make specially Your DVD with Free DVD Menu Templates
5. Preview and creat Your DVDs at Top Speed


Editor review


1. Easy to Use

Wondershare DVD Creator’s user interface is an absolutely highlight that significantly increases this program’s value. Its basic and organized-manner user interface enables you to effortlessly use all of the available editing/converting tools to their full capacity.

Importing videos and photos is very easy with hitting the button “Import”, the loaded videos and image slideshow will be shown in thumbnails left wing. You can rename the slideshow, combine DVD chapters and preview the videos and pictures on the right. Later, you can click the striking buttons in the left corner of the main-windows to edit video/photo slideshow, Choose a DVD menu design template and customize this, Preview your DVD project. If you are satisfied with your work, burn videos and image slideshows to DVD Discs.


2. Conversion Quality and Speed

The DVD film and menu created by Wondershare DVD Creator was the most effective comparing other competition i checked. The menu was simple and clear shown on our television set. The buttons and chapter selections worked perfectly, Once you decided to enjoy a specific chapter the software defaults to play the following clip, and the burned DVD also play perfectly without a break in between frames.

The conversion speed of Wondershare ranks medium among the products i checked, it used 55 minutes to creat an one-hour video to DVD. The fastest program i tried is AOA DVD Burner, it only require 35 minutes, but this program lacks some helpful features like Editing tools, Picture slideshow maker and so forth.

How to Convert MP4 to DVD quickly

Burning MP4 videos into empty DVD is not new anymore, there’re a lot of software applications can achieve that. Yet if you wish to burn MP4 videos into DVDs and make it into standard DVD-video disc, then you need professional application to do that. In this situation, a MP4 to DVD converting device is required. DVDFab DVD Creator, a professionally designed DVD creator software does the job of converting MP4 videos into common DVD-video format to view them on your TV, which is connected to a home DVD player.


Download DVD Maker for Windows Here, Mac user? Download DVD Maker for Mac here


Step 1: Load MP4 videos

Go to “Import” to load MP4 files from pc, or simply drag the documents in to the DVD burner. Imported files will be presented on the left sidebar. You can then modify them by trimming, cropping and rotating.


Step 2: DVD menu making

Hit “Menu Template” to personalize your DVD menu. Different designs of built-in design templates, frames and buttons are for your selection. Double click on to use a template, frame or button. You could even add text, background music and background image to customize the menu.


Step 3: Preview and begin burning

Hit the preview tab to preview the benefit of your editing. Lastly, go to “Burn” to start burning your video to DVD.


That’s it. Burning MP4 videos to DVD is so simple and fast. Right now you could enjoy your movies on TV. Aside from MP4, this DVD Creator can likewise burn AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, etc. to DVD.



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Android file transfer alternative – The simple method to transfer data between Android mobile and Mac pc

In case you’ve had an Android phone or a tablet and you need a way to get your photos, music, films, or anything you’ve got on there, copied over into the Mac then you might use Android file transfer to move files from Android mobile phone to Mac pc. However, lots of people found that it doesn’t work, Android file transfer is unwell.

These we would suggest you a powerful Android file transfer Alternative, using it you can transfer data between Android mobile and Mac pc quickly. Let’s take a look.


Download Mac download windows

Tip: In case you need send contents from Android mobile to Windows pc , please download the Windows version.

mobiego for Android Mac

Part 1: The main feature of the Android file transfer alternative:

1. You can transfer all things on your Android mobile to Mac computer easily. Additionally, you’ll be able to restore picked out or all backed-up data to your Android phone with a single click.

2. You are able to move audio, picture and videos from Mac computer to Android device with a single click. Meanwhile, you are able to straight copy music from iTunes to your Android mobile, or transfer it from the device to iTunes.

3. It is easy to text all of messages to all friends at the same time from computer.


Part 2: User review

1. This program is so easy to use. By using the Android Manager for Mac, it is easy to transfer data files from Android phone to Mac computer as well as from Mac pc to android . Pretty amazing! So in other words it allow me to transfer text message and just about everything from my device to my pc!

2. That is the best Android to MAC Software on the planet! I am on just day 1 of my fifteen day trial but I am searching for my wallet as I type! It moved my audio with no glitches and let me look at the data on my cellphone quite simply. I like to recommend this app to everybody, I will be Tweeting and Facebooking the application to all of my friends, family and clients.